Our products have taken the guess work out of storing and restoring some of your favorite  media files.  We are cutting edge innovators when it comes to showing you how to  manage your own media.  Read  the reviews from some of the older generation that have found our products affordable and easy to use.
  Media Converters

In late 2006, ClearClick Software began offering simple, easy-to-use software to consumers and business owners.

Our first software product offering was CamStudioIM, a suite of software programs that records video of the user's computer screen and converts it to Flash video. A newer edition of the software, version 2.0, is currently available.

In early 2007, we released a tool called VideoWebWizard. This software allows you to quickly and easily put video on any website. This product became instantly popular, especially with business owners and webmasters looking for a professional alternative to YouTube. Since its release, VideoWebWizard has added lots of useful features in version 2.0.

We launched new products  Cassette2CD Wizard in 2008 and VHS2DVD Wizard in 2009. These two products convert old cassettes and VHS tapes to digital format. Earlier this year, we released PC Speedup Wizard, a great gift to speed up any PC.

Finally, since our founding, we have expanded into the electronics realm as well with products such as the Cassette2USB™ Converter and Audio2USB™ Cable.

We're excited to see where our future lies. No matter how our company grows and transforms, one thing is for sure: we'll dedicate ourselves to releasing useful, quality products that our customers love!

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Audio2USB Cable
PC Speedup Wizard
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